Big Data

Sentiment Analysis – Take to Market

Big data  a buzz word in the data universe. We can see this is gradually penetrating into every business organization who wants to reach to customer with the customized product / service. This sophisticated approach to provide best user experience is eventually a win – win scenario for every B2C organization. The organization can modulate its business/ marketing plan according to the demand of the customer and consumer can get what they want.

One of the other popular aspect of Big Data to find “what customer think about the product” – a sentiment (behavioral analytic) analysis. This gives an early indication on the product’s reach and liking in the consumer base.

I will elaborate how we performed sentiment analysis for Take to Market proposition for a tier 1 Telco in UK.

This Telco is famous for the reputation on launching lucrative take to market offer for Pay & Go customers. Historically, this always attracted a wide range of consumer segment in past years. Business uses past experiences to decide on the marketing strategy. There were very less stencils available in hand for organization to gather real-time consumer feedback to motivate and modulate the nature of the product.

With recent big data analytic  in hand, marketing decided to classify the sentiment. Here goes the detail on how the sentiment analysis is done.

The process takes



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